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Your Government Online

One of the best things the Internet has given us is the ability to stay informed on what is happening in government. From your Local City Council to the President of the United States, youíre wired.

If youíre looking for the big list of sites, try the ITLNet Government page.
Normally we would give you a good sized list of links to various sites around the net, but this time we found one site that provides all that. Itís is a free, public service to help you stay informed on what is going on with government. is a service provided by Capitol Advantage* and not a government agency. allows users to:

  • Identify and send messages to their elected leaders in Congress, The White House, and state legislatures

  • Communicate to their leaders via e-mail, letter, or fax

  • Post these letters online with Letters to Leaders and read what other Americans are saying to elected officials

  • Find and contact local and national media by ZIP code or by state with Media Guide

  • Have your representative's votes sent to you weekly via e-mail with MegaVote

  • Search alerts and take action in the Issues and Action area (contact Capitol Advantage to get your organization's alerts on, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and more sites).

* Founded in 1986, Capitol Advantage connects citizens to their elected officials, and helps organizations realize legislative goals though grassroots activism. Our systems and data are in use on nearly 1000 Web sites, from the three largest sites on the Web to many small advocacy groups.