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 VM Integrity failure

     Explanation:  This error indicates a misuse of the VM System has
     occurred by either an internal or external (third-party) subsystem.

     Action:  Test the following suggestions to help eliminate the

     1. Check for memory conflicts that could result in virtual memory

     2. Check for incorrect data type passed to the IAMBS (VMM) or a GET
        instance variable.

     3. Check third party .LIBraries for compatibility and version.

     4. Test using a simple .LNK script to create the .EXE.

     5. Resolve 100% of all warnings and errors occurring at link time.
        Link with VERBOSE while redirecting to an error output file.

     6. Attempt to extract a test without using built-in, add-on, or
        third party .LIBrary functions, and see if the error still occurs.

     7. Create a protected mode version of the application linking with
        MAP S, N, A.  Identify the runtime address reported by comparing it
        with the named module for the most closely matched address listed in
        the .MAP.

     See Also:  Error 999 and 5302, "Linking" and "Debugger" chapters of
     the Programming and Utilities Guide, "VM API" in the Technical Reference

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