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 5312    VM Swap File Overallocated

     Explanation:  This is an "out of memory" message that indicates that
     the CA-Clipper application no longer has sufficient conventional memory
     available to continue.

     Specifically, this error occurs when the virtual memory system needs to
     swap a virtual memory segment out of conventional memory and it has used
     all expanded memory and disk space that has been made available to it.

     Action:  Make more virtual memory available to the application.
     This can be done by making more expanded memory available by increasing
     the E setting of the CLIPPER environment variable, or by making more
     disk space available by increasing the SWAPK setting of the CLIPPER
     environment variable.

     This problem can also be resolved by reducing the size and/or number of
     strings and arrays that are active at any one time.  Probably the most
     common cause of this error is the declaration of extremely large arrays
     (e.g., LOCAL aArray[4096][4096]).  Note that every array element
     requires memory to store (even if its value is NIL), and that the number
     of array elements in an array is determined by multiplying the number of
     elements in every dimension and adding the sum of all dimensions except
     for the last.  For example, a 4096 by 4096 array has (4096 x 4096) +
     4096 or 16,781,312 elements.  As every array element in CA-Clipper
     requires 14 bytes, this amounts to 16,781,312 x 14 or 234,938,368 bytes-
     -well in excess of the theoretical capacity of the virtual memory

     Note:  There is no benefit gained by reusing arrays.  CA-Clipper is
     much more efficient when strings and arrays are thrown away and rebuilt
     often rather than kept around unnecessarily for long periods.

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