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 5304    Conventional memory exhausted

     Explanation:  This is an "out of memory" message that indicates that
     the CA-Clipper application no longer has sufficient conventional memory
     available to continue.

     Specifically, this error occurs when a function attempts to allocate
     conventional memory and fails.  This error can be received as a result
     of the failure of _xgrab() in Extend System functions.

     Action:  Make more conventional memory available to the VM system.
     This can be done in several ways:

     1. Increase the amount of conventional memory available before running
        the application (by removing TSRs, making use of a 386 memory
        manager, etc.).

     2. Dynamically overlay C and ASM code.

     3. Ensure that any C or assembly language code in use is making use of
        the virtual memory system if it is doing dynamic memory allocation.
        Any memory allocated using the Fixed Memory Allocator functions
        (_xalloc() and _xgrab()) reduces the amount of conventional memory
        available if it is not immediately freed.

     See Also:  Error 5302 in this chapter, "VM API" chapter of the
     Technical Reference Guide.

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