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 1210    Data and Index files out of sync

     Explanation:  Database (.dbf) and index (.ntx) files are not
     synchronized, or there is a stack corruption or access problem related
     to the RDD loaded.

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. If the cause of this problem is that the database is being updated
        through a utility external to the application, simply recreate the
        index (.ntx) file and restart the application.

     2. If the database was not updated outside of the application, check the
        code for the application to ensure that all indexes are open when
        updates are being done.  Correct the code, recreate the index files
        (.ntx), and restart the application.

     3. Check that ALL index key expressions are a constant length. Usage of
        LTRIM(), RTRIM(), TRIM(), ALLTRIM(), STR(), and DTOC() can all
        produce expressions that are not a constant length.  The TRIM()
        functions should all be padded out to a constant width using PADR().

     4. Use all three arguments to STR().

     5. Use DTOS() instead of DTOC() in index key expressions.  DTOC() is
        dependent upon the SET DATE FORMAT.

     Note:  This error is applicable to the third party replaceable
     database drivers  (RDDs), and may not be applicable to CA-Clipper RDDs.
     This may mean the stack was corrupted, preventing the application from
     accessing the RDD's index expression.  Increase the STACK or PROCEDURE
     DEPTH.  Look for missing or incorrectly ordered .LIBraries, or loading a
     mismatched RDD.

     See Also:  Errors 1010, 1020, and DBFNTX/1210 in this chapter.

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