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 1011    Read/write access in index page failed

     Explanation:  CA-Clipper has attempted to read or write to an index
     page.  This error can occur if a the stack has become corrupted or there
     is insufficient stack space.  This may be due to a corrupted or invalid

     Action:  Try increasing the STACK or PROCEDURE DEPTH.  Check for
     memory conflicts that could cause a corruption of the index buffer.  Try
     disabling the EMS with the //E:0 in SET CLIPPER.  If using third-party
     RDDs, try increasing the stack space.  If using structural indexes
     (.CDX, .MDX), delete the index file and recreate.  Resolve all linker
     warnings and errors.  Recompile all .OBJs and relink.  Check all third
     party RDD version compatibility.

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