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 998     Missing function

     Explanation:  CA-Clipper has attempted to execute a function or UDF
     that is not recognized as valid CA-Clipper code.  This error can occur
     if an attempt is made to execute code compiled with a new version of
     CA-Clipper under an older version, or because of a corrupted or invalid

     Action:  Make sure that all code is compiled under the same version
     of CA-Clipper, and is being linked with the correct version of the
     libraries.  If a third-party linker is used, see if the error occurs
     when using the real mode linker for CA-Clipper.  If a corrupted
     executable is suspected, recompile all .OBJ files and relink.  Declare
     UDFs or built-in functions hidden from the compiler in macro or INDEXing
     commands with REQUEST if they are not called elsewhere in the code.
     Link in missing .OBJs.  Make sure all linker warnings and errors are

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