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 650     Out of stack space

     Explanation:  stack space is exhausted.

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. Use STACK or PROCEDURE DEPTH command to instruct the linker to
        increase the stack space at link time.

     2. check for recursion.  Some modifications to the CA-Clipper
        errorsys.prg may cause a recursive call, which will exhaust the call

     3. try using the default CA-Clipper errorsys.prg if the errorsys.prg was
        modified to test for runaway recursion caused by an error occurring
        while attempting to handle an Error Object.

     4. Check for UDFs/.PRGs that have the same name as an internal
        CA-Clipper function.

     5. Check for use of an incorrect or invalid version of the Errorsys.prg,
        i.e., the Summer '87 CA-Clipper Errorsys.prg does not use an Error

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