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 416     Read error on overlay

     Explanation:  This error indicates that the runtime manager could
     not READ from overlay.

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. Make sure you are not deleting or FCLOSE()ing any file handles that
        you did not specifically create.

     2. If you are on a network, make sure that the server did not lock up.
        Also make sure that the workstation has not been disconnected.  Check
        Check the validity of the network cards, cabling, drivers, etc.

     3. Increase the number of file handles available to the application.

     4. Check that the application's EXE drive and directory are still valid.

     5. Make sure the .EXE is marked READONLY (dynamic manager always opens
        page files SHARED and READONLY).

     6. Make sure there are no duplicates of the .EXE file available through
        any MAP, PATH or SEARCH drive.  ERASE duplicate .EXE files.

     7. Do not rename the .EXE. Recreate it with an alternative OUTPUT link

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