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 331     String/array buffer/memory overflow

     Explanation:  In the worst case, this error will occur when slightly
     over a megabyte of strings and/or arrays are in use; the best case is in
     excess of 16 megabytes.  Probably the most common cause of this error is
     the declaration of extremely large arrays (e.g., LOCAL
     aArray[500][300]).  every array element requires memory to store (even
     if its value is NIL).  the number of array elements in an array is
     determined by multiplying the number of elements in every dimension and
     adding the sum of all dimensions except for the last.  For example, a
     500 by 300 array has (500 x 300) + 500, or 150,500 elements.  As every
     array element in CA-Clipper requires 14 bytes, this amounts to 150,500 x
     14 or 2,107,000 byteswell in excess of one megabyte and, therefore,
     potentially dangerous.

     Action:  reduce the size and/or number of strings and arrays that
     are active at any one time.  Declare as many string variables and arrays
     LOCAL as possible.

     Note:  There is no benefit gained by reusing arrays.  CA-Clipper is
     much more efficient when strings and arrays are thrown away and rebuilt
     often rather than kept around unnecessarily for long periods.

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