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 DBFNTX/1210  Corruption detected

     Explanation:  The index and the database files are "out of sync"
     with each other.  This is usually due to the index key expression
     evaluating to a variable length.

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. Recreate the indices for the database. Ensure that all indices are
        open when the database is updated.  Check for other causes of
        corruption as well (EMS memory, network problems, improper RDD,

     2. Check that ALL index key expressions are a constant length.  Usage of
        LTRIM(), RTRIM(), TRIM(), ALLTRIM(), STR(), DTOC() can all produce
        expressions that are not a constant length.  The xTRIM() functions
        should all be padded out to a constant width using PADR().

     3. Use all 3 arguments to STR().

     4. Use DTOS() instead of DTOC() in index key expressions.  DTOC() is
        dependent upon the SET DATE FORMAT.

     5. Using a field or expression aliased into a different work area will
        also cause this error--e.g., area2->field1 or area2->( str( fld1, 5,
        0 ) ).

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