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 DBFNDX/1024  Append lock failed

     Explanation:  A new record could not be appended because a lock
     could not be obtained for the new record.

     Action:  For a shared work area, the APPEND BLANK command
     automatically obtains a record lock for the newly appended record.  If
     the record cannot be locked, the APPEND fails.  This generally occurs
     because another process has obtained a file lock on the database (.dbf)
     file.  Change the program to handle the lock contention.

     Note:  The default CA-Clipper error handler (Errorsys.prg) handles
     this error by setting the global NETERR() status to true (.T.) and
     resuming execution.  Thus, the error only causes an error message or
     alert when a custom error handler is used.  For an example of how to
     handle this error condition, refer to Errorsys.prg.

     See Also: "Network Programming" chapter in the Programming and
     Utilities Guide

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