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 DBFNDX/1001  Open error (.dbf)

     Explanation:  The specified database (.dbf) file could not be


     1. Check to make sure that the specified file exists.  If the file is
        not in the directory where the application runs, use SET DEFAULT or
        SET PATH to make the file accessible, or specify the full path name
        where the file can be found.

     2. In a network environment, make sure the application has the necessary
        rights to access the file.  If the file is available only for read
        access, use the READONLY clause on the USE command.

        CA-Clipper's default error handler (Errorsys.prg) will set NETERR()
        to true (.T.) and will ask DBFNDX to default if the error was due to
        a sharing violation on the network.

     See Also:  USE command, "Network Programming" chapter in the
     Programming and Utilities Guide

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