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 BASE/5300    Memory low

     Default Behavior:  Continue with program execution.  Default
     behavior is only available when Error:severity is set to ES_WARNING.

     Explanation:  The application has insufficient conventional memory.
     If the condition is a warning (severity 1), execution can continue but
     an unrecoverable error may occur without further warning.  If the
     condition is a recoverable error (severity 2), execution cannot

     Action:  For safety, quit the application.  Make more memory
     available before running the application again.  Remove unneeded
     resident utilities or device drivers.  Opening fewer database or index
     files may make more memory available.  This error may occur when
     manipulating large browse objects or character values, indicating that
     there is insufficient memory to swap in the object or character value.
     If many C or Assembler add-on functions are linked, overlaying some of
     these functions may free up memory for other uses.

     See Also:  For information on overlaying C and Assembler code, refer
     to "The CA-Clipper Linker--RTLINK.EXE" chapter in the Programming and
     Utilities Guide.

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