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 BASE/1004    No exported method

     Explanation:  This error can occur due to the following reasons:

     1. You sent a message using the send operator (:), but the left operand
        was not a reference to an object, or the receiving object has no
        method with the specified name.

     2. You called the EVAL() function and did not pass a code block as the
        first argument.

     3. You specified a value other than a code block in a context where a
        code block was required.

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. Check to make sure that the value being operated on is of the proper
        type or class.

     2. If the error occurs on the send operator (:), make sure the message
        is one of the messages defined for the class.

     3. If the missing method is "EVAL," make sure that code blocks have been
        supplied where required.

     See Also:  "Basic Concepts" chapter in the Programming and Utilities
     Guide, "Language Reference" chapter of the Reference Guide

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