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 BASE/1003    Undefined variable

     Explanation:  You specified a variable that does not exist or is not

     Action:  Some suggestions to resolve the problem are:

     1. If you specified a database field, make sure you opened the
        appropriate database file and selected the appropriate work area.  If
        you do not want to select another work area, preface the field
        variable reference with the target work area alias.

     2. If you specified a private or public variable, make sure you created
        the variable using either a PRIVATE or PUBLIC statement.

     3. If you specified a local or static variable reference within a macro
        variable, rearrange the code to refer to the variable directly (local
        and static variables are not visible within macro variables).

     The /W compiler option is useful in finding misspelled or incorrectly
     specified variable references.

     See Also:  "Basic Concepts" chapter in the Programming and Utilities

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