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    0    Error System Integrity Error
    1    Evaluation Stack Underflow
    2    Memory Error
    3    Memory Error
    4    Memory Error
    5    Memory Error
    6    Buffer Error
    7    Buffer Error
    8    Buffer Error
    9    Buffer Error
   10    Too Many Nested BEGIN SEQUENCE/END Blocks
   11    BEGIN SEQUENCE/END Integrity Error
   12    Evaluation stack underflow after BEGIN SEQUENCE/END
   14    SORT Error
   15    SORT Error
   16    Database Not Open
   17    NTX File Corrupted
   18    NTX File Corrupted
   19    NTX File Corrupted
   20    NDX File Key Type Error
   21    NDX File Key Type Error
   22    NTX File Key Type Error
   24    Write Error
   92    SORT/INDEX ON Error
  332    String/Array memory overflow
  415    Cannot open overlay file
  416    Read error on dynamic page file
  520    Attempt to get value for an invalid field type.
  521    Replacement of field with invalid data type.
  612    EVAL() given something other than codeblock.
  650    Out of stack space
  666    C Function Attempt to Free Invalid Pointer
  667    Eval stack crashed
  668    Runtime error handler error
  669    Cannot expand MEMVAR table
  670    Memory initialization error
  701    Unable to locate keyboard driver upon startup.
  715    Printer not ready.
  773    Dynamic overlay system not linked in.
  999    Attempt to execute invalid code
 1020    Record not found
 1102    Requested RDD not linked
 1210    Data and Index files out of sync
 1242    Data type mismatch on key replacement
 2155    Read error on index heading page
 4406    Temp file read error
 4412    Indexing miscalculation
 4414    Indexing miscalculation
 4424    Temp file creation error
 5302    Conventional memory exhausted
 5304    Conventional Memory Exhausted
 5305    VM Swap Space Exhausted
 5306    Conventional Memory Exhausted
 5311    VMM Unable to Create Swap File
 5312    VM Swap File Overallocated
 5313    VMM Write Error on Swap File
 5320    VMM IAMBS Manager Error
 5333    Misuse of VM System

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