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 CA-Clipper Program Editor--PE.EXE
 Creates and edits simple program files.

     PE [<filename>]


     <filename> is the name of the text file to edit or create.  The
     default extension is (.prg).  If a filename is not specified, PE
     prompts you for one.

 System Architecture

     PE is provided in source code form.  Having access to the source code
     allows you to modify the program to suit your own needs and serves as a
     model for programming the MEMOEDIT() function.  If you installed
     CA-Clipper in the default configuration, the source files are located in
     the \CLIP53\SOURCE\PE directory.

     To facilitate maintenance of the PE program files, the make file,
     PE.RMK, is also installed with the PE source files.  Assuming your
     current DOS directory is \CLIP53\SOURCE\PE, you can easily rebuild
     PE.EXE after you make source code changes with the following command:


     If your changes involve additional source modules or changes in the
     existing file dependencies, you will need to update PE.RMK to reflect
     those changes.

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