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 Suspend program processing until a key is pressed

     WAIT [<expPrompt>] [TO <idVar>]


     <expPrompt> is an expression of any data type displayed as a prompt.
     If no <expPrompt> is specified, the default prompt displayed is:  "Press
     any key to continue..."

     TO <idVar> is the variable, of any storage class, that holds the
     value of the key pressed as a character value.  If <idVar> does not
     exist or is not visible, it is created as a private variable and then
     assigned the character value.


     WAIT is a console command and wait state that displays a prompt after
     sending a carriage return/line feed to the screen.  It then waits for
     the user to press a key.  If the TO clause is specified, <idVar> is
     assigned the keystroke as a character value.  If an Alt or Ctrl key is
     pressed, WAIT assigns CHR(0) to <idVar>.  Non-alphanumeric values
     entered by pressing an Alt-keypad combination assign the specified
     character.  If the character can be displayed, it is echoed to the
     screen.  Function keys are ignored unless assigned with SET FUNCTION or
     SET KEY.

     WAIT is a compatibility command and, therefore, is not recommended for
     general usage.  It is superseded by both @...GET/READ and INKEY() for
     getting single character input.


     .  WAITing without a prompt: To pause execution without
        displaying a prompt, specify WAIT, null string (""), or INKEY(0).
        The latter is recommended since it does not disturb the current
        screen cursor position.


     .  This example illustrates how to store the WAIT keystroke as an
        array element:

        aVar := ARRAY(6)

        WAIT "Press a key..." TO aVar[1]
        ? aVar[1]                  // Result: key pressed in
                                   // response to WAIT
        ? aVar[2]                  // Result: NIL
        ? VALTYPE(aVar)            // Result: A
        ? VALTYPE(aVar[1])         // Result: C

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

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