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 Draw a single- or double-line box

     @ <nTop>, <nLeft>
        TO <nBottom>, <nRight> [DOUBLE] [COLOR <cColorString>]


     <nTop>, <nLeft>, <nBottom>, and <nRight> define the
     coordinates of the box.  @...TO draws the box using row values from zero
     to MAXROW() and column values from zero to MAXCOL(). <nBottom> and
     <nRight> can be larger than the screen size, but output is clipped at
     MAXROW() and MAXCOL().

     DOUBLE draws the box with a double line.  If not specified, the box
     is drawn with a single line.

     COLOR <cColorString> defines the display color of the drawn box.  If
     not specified, the box is drawn using the standard color setting of the
     current system color as defined by SETCOLOR(). Note that <cColorString>
     is a character expression containing the standard color setting.  If you
     specify a literal color setting, enclose it within quote marks.


     @...TO draws a single- or double-line box on the screen.  If <nTop> and
     <nBottom> are the same, a horizontal line is drawn. If <nLeft> and
     <nRight> are the same, a vertical line is drawn.

     After @...TO finishes drawing, the cursor is located in the upper-left
     corner of the boxed region at <nTop> + 1 and <nLeft> + 1.  ROW() and
     COL() are also updated to reflect the new cursor position.

     @...TO is like @...BOX except that @...BOX lets you define the
     characters of the box and supports a fill character.  @...TO, however,
     is recommended for portability since it does not require the
     specification of hardware-dependent graphics characters.


     .  This example erases a region of the screen, then draws a box
        of the same size:

        @ 10, 10 CLEAR TO 20, 40
        @ 10, 10 TO 20, 40 DOUBLE COLOR "BG+/B"

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: @...BOX @...CLEAR DISPBOX()
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