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 Return the number of seconds elapsed since midnight

     SECONDS() --> nSeconds


     SECONDS() returns the system time as a numeric value in the form
     seconds.hundredths.  The numeric value returned is the number of seconds
     elapsed since midnight, and is based on a twenty-four hour clock in a
     range from 0 to 86399.


     SECONDS() is a time function that provides a simple method of
     calculating elapsed time during program execution, based on the system
     clock.  It is related to the TIME() function which returns the system
     time as a string in the form hh:mm:ss.


     .  This example contrasts the value of TIME() with SECONDS():

        ? TIME()               // Result: 10:00:00
        ? SECONDS()            // Result: 36000.00

     .  This example uses SECONDS() to track elapsed time in seconds:

        LOCAL nStart, nElapsed
        nStart:= SECONDS()
        . <statements>
        nElapsed:= SECONDS() - nStart
        ? "Elapsed: " + LTRIM(STR(nElapsed)) + " seconds"

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: TIME()
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