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 Return the screen row position of the cursor

     ROW() --> nRow


     ROW() returns the cursor row position as an integer numeric value.  The
     range of the return value is zero to MAXROW().


     ROW() is a screen function that returns the current row or line position
     of the screen cursor.  The value of ROW() is updated by both console and
     full-screen commands and functions.  @...SAY only updates ROW() when the
     current DEVICE is the SCREEN.

     ROW() is used with COL() and all variations of the @ command to position
     the cursor to a new line relative to the current line.  In particular,
     you can use ROW() and COL() to create screen position-independent
     procedures or functions where you pass the upper-left row and column as

     ROW() is related to PROW() and PCOL(), which track the current printhead
     position instead of the screen cursor position.


     .  In this example, ROW() simulates the LIST command, displaying
        text on the same line but in different columns:

        LOCAL nRow
        USE Customer INDEX CustName NEW
        DO WHILE .NOT. EOF()
           @ 1, 1 SAY PADR("Name", LEN(CustName))
           @ ROW(), COL() + 2 SAY PADR("Address", ;
           @ ROW(), COL() + 2 SAY PADR("Phone", LEN(Phone))
           nRow = 0
           DO WHILE nRow++ <= 15 .AND. (!EOF())
              @ ROW() + 1, 1 SAY CustName
              @ ROW(), COL() + 2 SAY Address
              @ ROW(), COL() + 2 SAY Phone
        CLOSE Customer

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: ?|?? @...GET @...SAY PCOL() PROW()
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