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 Activate a full-screen editing mode for a GetList

     READMODAL(<aGetList>, [<nGet>], [<oMenu>], [<nMsgRow>,
        <nMsgLeft>, <nMsgRight>, <cMsgColor>])
        --> <lUpdated>


     <aGetList> is an array containing a list of Get objects to edit.

     <nGet> is an optional numeric value that indicates which Get object
     within <aGetList> should initially receive input focus.

     <oMenu> is an optional Topbarmenu object that, when supplied,
     permits menu selection during data entry.

     <nMsgRow>, <nMsgLeft>, and <nMsgRight> specify the row,
     left, and right margins where the Get object messages appear on the

     <cMsgColor> defines the color setting of the message area.  It
     consists of a single foreground/background color pair.


     READMODAL() returns true (.T.) when GetList is updated, false (.F.) when
     it is not.


     READMODAL() is a user interface function that implements the full-screen
     editing mode for GETs, and is part of the open architecture Get system
     of CA-Clipper.  READMODAL() is like the READ command, but takes a
     GetList array as an argument and does not reinitialize the GetList array
     when it terminates.  Because of this, you can maintain multiple lists of
     Get objects and activate them any time in a program's execution as long
     as the array to activate is visible.

     In order to retain compatibility with previous versions of CA-Clipper,
     the GET system in CA-Clipper is implemented using a public array called
     GetList.  Each time an @...GET command executes, it creates a Get object
     and adds to the currently visible GetList array.  The standard READ
     command is preprocessed into a call to READMODAL() using the GetList
     array as its argument.  If the SAVE clause is not specified, the
     variable GetList is assigned an empty array after the READMODAL()
     function terminates.

     Some of the functions in the Getsys.prg have been made public so that
     they can be used when implementing customized GET readers.  These
     functions are listed in the table below.

     Get System functions
     Function            Description
     GETACTIVE()         Return the currently active Get object
     GETAPPLYKEY()       Apply a key to a Get object from within a GET reader
     GETDOSETKEY()       Process SET KEY during GET editing
     GETPOSTVALIDATE()   Postvalidate the current Get object
     GETPREVALIDATE()    Prevalidate a Get object
     GETREADER()         Execute standard READ behavior for a Get object
     READFORMAT()        Return and, optionally, set the code block that
                         implements a format (.fmt) file
     READKILL()          Return and, optionally, set whether the current Read
                         should be exited
     READUPDATED()       Return and, optionally, set whether a GET has
                         changed during a Read

     For reference information on the Get objects and functions listed above,
     refer to the "Get System" chapter in the Programming and Utilities

     For more information on the supported keys in the default READMODAL()
     function, refer to the READ command reference in this chapter.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, source file is SOURCE\SYS\GETSYS.PRG

See Also: @...GET READ
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