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 Return the name of the RDD active in the current or specified work area

     RDDNAME() --> cRDDName


     Returns a character string, cRDDName, the registered name of the active
     RDD in the current or specified work area.


     RDDNAME() is an RDD function that returns a character string for the
     name of the active RDD, cRDDName, in the current or specified work area.

     You can specify a work area other than the currently active work area by
     aliasing the function.


     USE Customer VIA "DBFNTX" NEW
     USE Sales    VIA "DBFCDX" NEW

     ? RDDNAME()                          // Returns: DBFCDX
     ? Customer->( RDDNAME() )            // Returns: DBFNTX
     ? Sales->( RDDNAME() )               // Returns: DBFCDX

See Also: RDDLIST()
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