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 Delete an array element

     ADEL(<aTarget>, <nPosition>) --> aTarget


     <aTarget> is the array to delete an element from.

     <nPosition> is the position of the target array element to be


     ADEL() returns a reference to the target array, <aTarget>.


     ADEL() is an array function that deletes an element from an array.  The
     contents of the specified array element is lost, and all elements from
     that position to the end of the array are shifted up one element.  The
     last element in the array becomes NIL.

     Warning!  CA-Clipper implements multidimensional arrays by nesting
     arrays within other arrays.  If the <aTarget> array is a
     multidimensional array, ADEL() can delete an entire subarray specified
     by <nPosition>, causing <aTarget> to describe an array with a different
     structure than the original.


     .  This example creates a constant array of three elements, and
        then deletes the second element.  The third element is moved up one
        position, and the new third element is assigned a NIL:

        LOCAL aArray
        aArray := { 1, 2, 3 }      // Result: aArray is
                                   // now { 1, 2, 3 }
        ADEL(aArray, 2)            // Result: aArray is
                                   // now { 1, 3, NIL }

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: ACOPY() AFILL() AINS()
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