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 Determine the maximum visible screen row

     MAXROW() --> nRow


     MAXROW() returns the row number of the bottommost visible row for
     display purposes.


     MAXROW() is a screen function that determines the maximum visible row of
     the screen.  Row and column numbers start at zero in CA-Clipper.

     If you use a C or other extended function to set the video mode, use the
     SETMODE() function so your CA-Clipper application returns the correct
     value for MAXCOL().


     .  This user-defined function, ScreenSize(), uses MAXROW() and
        MAXCOL() to return an array containing the current screen size:

        FUNCTION ScreenSize
           RETURN { MAXROW(), MAXCOL() }

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: COL() MAXCOL() ROW()
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