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 TBrowse -- Overview
 Class Functions

 TBrowseDB()      Create a new TBrowse object for browsing a database file
 TBrowseNew()     Create a new TBrowse object
 Exported Instance Variables

 autoLite         Logical value to control highlighting
 border           Character value defining characters drawn around object
 cargo            User-definable variable
 colCount         Number of browse columns
 colorSpec        Color table for the TBrowse display
 colPos           Current cursor column position
 colSep           Column separator character
 footSep          Footing separator character
 freeze           Number of columns to freeze
 goBottomBlock    Code block executed by TBrowse:goBottom()
 goTopBlock       Code block executed by TBrowse:goTop()
 headSep          Heading separator character
 hitBottom        Indicates the end of available data
 hitTop           Indicates the beginning of available data
 leftVisible      Indicates position of leftmost unfrozen column in display
 mColPos          Numeric value indicating mouse position
 message          Character string displayed on status bar
 mRowPos          Numeric value indicating the data row of the mouse position
 nBottom          Bottom row number for the TBrowse display
 nLeft            Leftmost column for the TBrowse display
 nRight           Rightmost column for the TBrowse display
 nTop             Top row number for the TBrowse display
 rightVisible     Indicates position of rightmost unfrozen column in display
 rowCount         Number of visible data rows in the TBrowse display
 rowPos           Current cursor row position
 skipBlock        Code block used to reposition data source
 stable           Indicates if the TBrowse object is stable
 Exported Methods

 Cursor Movement Methods
 down()           Moves the cursor down one row
 end()            Moves the cursor to the rightmost visible data column
 goBottom()       Repositions the data source to the bottom of file
 goTop()          Repositions the data source to the top of file
 home()           Moves the cursor to the leftmost visible data column
 left()           Moves the cursor left one column
 pageDown()       Repositions the data source downward
 pageUp()         Repositions the data source upward
 panEnd()         Moves the cursor to the rightmost data column
 panHome()        Moves the cursor to the leftmost visible data column
 panLeft()        Pans left without changing the cursor position
 panRight()       Pans right without changing the cursor position
 right()          Moves the cursor right one column
 up()             Moves the cursor up one row

 Miscellaneous Methods
 addColumn()      Adds a TBColumn object to the TBrowse object
 applyKey()       Evaluates the code block
 colorRect()      Alters the color of a rectangular group of cells
 colWidth()       Returns the display width of a particular column
 configure()      Reconfigures the internal settings of the TBrowse object
 deHilite()       Dehighlights the current cell
 delColumn()      Delete a column object from a browse
 forceStable()    Performs a full stabilization
 getColumn()      Gets a specific TBColumn object
 hilite()         Highlights the current cell
 hitTest()        Indicates position of mouse cursor relative to TBrowse
 insColumn()      Insert a column object in a browse
 invalidate()     Forces redraw during next stabilization
 refreshAll()     Causes all data to be refreshed during the next stabilize
 refreshCurrent() Causes current row to be refreshed on next stabilize
 setColumn()      Replaces one TBColumn object with another
 setKey()         Gets/sets a code block associated with an INKEY() value
 setstyle()       Maintains a dictionary within an object
 stabilize()      Performs incremental stabilization

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