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 Get -- Overview
 Class Function

 GetNew()        Create a new Get object
 Exported Instance Variables

 badDate         Indicates if the editing buffer contains an invalid date
 block           Code block to associate Get with a variable
 buffer          Character value that defines the editing buffer
 cargo           User-definable variable
 changed         Indicates whether the Get:buffer has changed
 clear           Indicates whether the editing buffer should be cleared
 col             Get column number
 colorSpec       Display attributes string
 decPos          Decimal point position within the editing buffer
 exitState       Means by which the user exited the Get
 hasFocus        Logical value indicating the input focus
 message         Character string displayed on the Get system's status bar
 minus           Indicates if a minus sign has been entered
 name            Get variable name
 original        Character string containing the original value of the Get
 picture         PICTURE string
 pos             Current cursor position within the editing buffer
 postBlock       Code block to validate a newly entered value
 preBlock        Code block to decide if editing is permitted
 reader          Contains a block to affect READ behavior on a Get object
 rejected        Indicates if last insert/overStrike character was rejected
 row             Get row number
 subscript       Information about array Get objects
 type            Get variable data type
 typeOut         Indicates attempt to move the cursor out of editing buffer
 Exported Methods

 State Change Methods
 assign()        Assigns the editing buffer contents to the Get variable
 colorDisp()     Changes a Get object's color then redisplays it
 display()       Displays the Get on the screen
 hitTest()       Indicates position of mouse cursor relative to Get object
 killFocus()     Takes input focus away from the Get object
 reset()         Resets the internal state information of the Get
 setFocus()      Gives input focus to the Get object
 undo()          Sets the Get variable back to Get:original
 unTransform()   Converts character value to its original data type
 updateBuffer()  Updates the editing buffer and redisplays the Get
 varGet()        Returns the current value of the Get variable
 varPut()        Sets the Get variable to the passed value

 Cursor Movement Methods
 end()           Moves the cursor to the rightmost position
 home()          Moves the cursor to the leftmost position
 left()          Moves the cursor left one character
 right()         Moves the cursor right one character
 toDecPos()      Moves the cursor to the immediate right of Get:decPos
 wordLeft()      Moves the cursor left one word
 wordRight()     Moves the cursor right one word

 Editing Methods
 backspace()     Moves the cursor to the left and deletes one character
 delete()        Deletes the character under the cursor
 delEnd()        Deletes from current cursor position to the end of the Get
 delLeft()       Deletes the character to the left of the cursor
 delRight()      Deletes the character to the right of the cursor
 delWordLeft()   Deletes the word to the left of the cursor
 delWordRight()  Deletes the word to the right of the cursor

 Text Entry Methods
 insert()        Inserts characters into the editing buffer
 overStrike()    Overwrites characters in the editing buffer

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