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 CheckBox -- Overview
 Class Function

 CheckBox()      Create a new CheckBox object
 Exported Instance Variables

 bitmaps         An array of bitmap files to be displayed
 buffer          Logical value indicating checked or unchecked
 capCol          Numeric value indicating screen column
 capRow          Numeric value indicating screen row
 caption         Character string describing the check box
 cargo           User-definable variable
 col             Numeric value indicating screen column
 colorSpec       Character string indicating color attributes
 fBlock          Code block evaluated at each input focus change
 hasFocus        Logical value indicating the input focus
 message         Character string describing check box
 row             Numeric value indicating screen row
 sBlock          Code block evaluated at every state change
 style           Character string indicating delimiter characters
 typeOut         Logical value false (.F.)
 Exported Methods

 display()       Shows a check box and caption on the screen
 hitTest()       Indicates position of mouse cursor relative to check box
 killFocus()     Takes input focus away from the CheckBox object
 select()        Determines whether check box should be checked
 setFocus()      Gives input focus to the CheckBox object

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