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 Send literal text to the standard output device

     #stdout [<messageText>]


     <messageText> is the text of the message to display.  <messageTest>
     is a literal character string.  Do not enclose the message in quotation
     marks unless you want them to appear as part of the display.


     #stdout causes the compiler to output the literal text to the standard
     output device (stdout) during compilation.  If <messageText> is not
     specified, a carriage return/line feed pair echoes to stdout.

     Warning!  Manifest constants are not translated in #stdout.
     Implementation is identical to #error with the following exceptions:
     output is written to STDOUT and no compiler error is generated.


     This example demonstrates use of #stdout:

     #ifdef DEBUG
        #stdout Compiling debugging version...

     PROCEDURE Main()

     ? "Hello world"

     #stdout End of "Hello World" program

See Also: #error
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