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 Addition, unary positive, concatenation         (Math, Character)

     <nNumber1> + <nNumber2>           (addition)
     <dDate>    + <nNumber>            (addition)
     <cString1> + <cString2>           (concatenation)


     Character, date, memo, numeric


     <nNumber1> is a numeric value to increment by <nNumber2>.

     <dDate> is a date value to increment by <nNumber> days.

     <cString2> is a character string to join to the end of


     The (+) operator performs a number of different operations depending on
     the data types of the operands:

     .  Unary positive sign (numeric): A numeric expression prefaced
        with the plus (+) operator performs no operation on the operand
        except to enforce a higher level of precedence than other numeric
        operations (except the unary minus).

     .  Binary addition sign (numeric, date): If both operands are
        numeric, <nNumber2> is added to <nNumber1> and the result is returned
        as a numeric value.  If either operand is date data type and the
        other operand numeric data type, the <nNumber> is added as days to
        the <dDate> and a date value is returned.

     .  Concatenation (character, memo): If both operands are
        character, <cString2> (the right operand) is concatenated to
        <cString1> (the left operand) returning a character string.


     .  These examples illustrate the various forms of the + operator:

        // Binary addition (numeric)
        ? 1 + 1                           // Result: 2
        ? 1 + 0                           // Result: 1
        ? 0 + 1                           // Result: 1

        // Binary addition (date)
        ? CTOD("12/12/88") + 12         // Result: 12/24/88
        ? 12 + CTOD("12/12/88")         // Result: 12/24/88

        // Concatenation (character)
        ? "Hi " + "there"               // Result: Hi there

See Also: % * ** - / = (compound)
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