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XML Headline Syndication.

What is XML Syndication?

Web sites that regularly post new content can provide a list of news style headlines of their latest content. Many of these web sites also provide a syndicated version these headlines. XML is one of these syndication methods.

There are a few different XML-based formats for content distribution: RSS (Really Simple Syndication), RDF (Resource Description Framework), OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) and ECHO/ATOM.

ITLnet's XML headline syndication uses RSS 2.0.

RSS is one of the most common formats, next would be RDF.

OPML is typically used to share subscription lists (list of feeds).

ECHO/ATOM is the newest format being developed. (They haven't settled on a name yet. It was ECHO, then ATOM, and now they are looking for a new name.)

How to read these Headlines?

There are several programs (a.k.a. news aggregator, feed reader or news reader) available for download. Here are just a few:

Where can I find more news feeds?

Any site where you see with the XML logo on it, typically has a news feed. Every site is different and may just have a simple text link or created their own graphic. Here are just a few examples:

These images signify an XML feed is available.

This image is used to auto subscribe to a feed using the Radio Userland software.

This image is used to auto subscribe to a feed using the AmphetaDesk software.

This image lets you know that the feed has been validated.

This image signifies a subscription list is available. (List of feeds)

There are several sites out there with news feed directories. Here are just a few:

Here is a small list of some local feeds:

What is XML?

For more technical information about XML, RSS, RDF, OPML or ECHO/ATOM please visit these web sites:
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