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 Introduction Extended Drivers
 CGA40()      Switches to 40-column mode (color or monochrome)
 CGA80()      Switches to 80-column mode (color or monochrome)
 DSETKBIOS()  Turns the extended keyboard mode on or off through BIOS
 DSETNOLINE() Ignores the next line feed sent to the screen
 DSETQFILE()  Creates a protocol file when the program ends normally
 DSETTYPE()   Determines the size of the keyboard buffer (SET TYPEAHEAD TO)
 DSETWINDEB() This function is no longer supported
 DSETWINDOW() Reroutes external functions and programs to a window
 EGA43()      Switches to the 43-line EGA mode
 FIRSTCOL()   Sets the first visible column of a virtual screen
 FIRSTROW()   Sets the first visible line of a virtual screen
 GETBOXGROW() Gets the time delay with which boxes are opened
 GETCURSOR()* Determines the setting for the cursor form
 GETKXLAT()   Determines the current key code table
 GETKXTAB()   Retrieves the entire key code table
 GETLINES()   Determines number of lines after which screen display pauses
 GETMODE()    Uses the current screen mode as a function name
 GETPAGE()    Determines the current screen page
 GETPBIOS()   Determines if printing is through DOS or the BIOS
 GETPXLAT()   Retrieves the current printer table
 GETSCRMODE() Determines the number of the active video mode
 GETTAB()     Retrieves tab values for CA-Clipper screen output
 INKEYTRAP()  Behaves like INKEY() with support for key traps
 INPUTMODE()  Determines previously active or currently active input mode
 KEYREAD()    Reads already processed CA-Clipper keyboard buffer input
 KEYSEND()    Simulates CA-Clipper keyboard buffer input
 MAXCOL()     Extends the CA-Clipper MAXCOL() function
 MAXPAGE()    Determines the number of available screen pages
 MAXROW()     Extends the CA-Clipper MAXROW() function
 MONOCHROME() Switches to the monochrome mode
 PAGECOPY()   Copies one screen page to another
 PRINTERROR() Returns the error code for the last printer output
 SETBELL()    Sets the tone frequency and duration for CHR(7)
 SETBOXGROW() Opens boxes with a time delay
 SETCURSOR()  Sets the cursor form
 SETKXLAT()   Redefines key codes or lock keys
 SETKXTAB()   Installs key tables
 SETLINES()   Determines number of lines after which screen display pauses
 SETMAXCOL()  Sets the number of columns for a virtual screen
 SETMAXROW()  Sets the number of lines for a virtual screen
 SETPAGE()    Selects a new screen page
 SETPBIOS()   Redirects print output to BIOS or DOS, and establishes timeout
 SETPXLAT()   Establishes translation tables for printer output
 SETQNAME()   Changes the file and path name for the QUIT file
 SETSCRMODE() Establishes a new video mode
 SETTAB()     Sets the tab widths for CA-Clipper screen outputs
 TRAPANYKEY() Calls a procedure with any keyboard input
 TRAPINPUT()  Allows supervision of CA-Clipper input commands
 TRAPSHIFT()  Calls a procedure that depends on switching keys
 VGA28()      Switches to 28-line VGA mode
 VGA50()      Switches to 50-line VGA mode.

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