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 Introduction GET/READ Functions
 COUNTGETS()  Determines the number of posted GET fields
 CURRENTGET() Determines the number of the currently active GET field
 GETFLDCOL()  Determines the screen column of a GET field
 GETFLDROW()  Determines the row of a GET field on the screen
 GETFLDVAR()  Determines the name of a GET field
 GETINPUT()   Keyboard input function similar to a GET field
 GETSECRET()  Keyboard input function for hidden input similar to a GET field
 RESTGETS()   Restores GET settings from an array
 RESTSETKEY() Restores SET KEY..TO settings from an array
 SAVEGETS()   Saves the GET settings of the active environment
 SAVESETKEY() Saves SET KEY..TO settings in an array

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