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 Returns the position of the top row of the active window

     WROW([<lAfterWCENTER>]) --> nRow


     <lAfterWCENTER>  Designates an optional parameter.  If this
     parameter is .T., the function returns what the postion of the top row
     of a window would be after a call of WCENTER().  (This function does not
     call WCENTER().)  The default value (.F.) returns the current position.


     WROW() returns the row of the currently selected window, relative to the
     physical screen.


     WROW() determines the current position of the top row of the currently
     selected window.  This allows you to save a window position for a window
     that was moved previously using the cursor keys or WMOVE().  You can
     later reopen the window at exactly this position.

     If you used invalid parameters with WMOVE() to move a window, WROW()
     lets you determine the current window position.  WROW() is particularly
     helpful since WMOVE() automatically adapts to the invalid parameters.
     WROW() can also be helpful after you use the WCENTER() function.  The
     new coordinates can be determined using WROW() and WCOL().

     Additionally, with the specification of the optional parameter, you can
     determine the position of a window after a call of WCENTER() without
     actually calling WCENTER().


     .  The value returned can be negative.  If so, the first row is
        outside of the visible area.


     This program can determine the position of the window at all times:

     nTop   :=  10
     nLeft   :=  15
     WOPEN(nTop, nLeft, nTop + 10, nLeft +40)

        * Someone moved the window!

     nTop    :=  WROW()                 // Save the current position
     nLeft   := WCOL()                  // of the upper left corner
     WCLOSE()                           // Close the window

        * Other program sections

     WOPEN(nTop, nLeft, nTop + 10, nLeft + 40)   // Open with old
                                                 // values

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