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 Introduction Miscellaneous Functions
 ALLOFREE()*  Determines the maximum memory size allocation
 BLANK()      Creates a blank value for each data type
 COMPLEMENT() Forms the complement value of a data type
 DATATYPE()*  Determines the data type of a variable or UDF
 GETTIC()     Determines the number of timer ticks
 KBDDISABLE() Locks/unlocks the keyboard
 KBDEMULATE() Inserts characters into BIOS keyboard buffer to emulate input
 KBDSPEED()   Sets keyboard auto repeat speed
 KBDSTAT()    Tests for key shift state status, such as Ctrl and Shift
 KBDTYPE()    Determines the type of keyboard in use
 KEYSEC()     Triggers a key trap after a time delay
 KEYTIME()    Triggers a key trap at a specific clock time
 MILLISEC()   Time delay in milliseconds
 NUL()        Converts the value returned by a function into a null string
 SCANKEY()    Queries scan code of keyboard input
 SETTIC()     Increases number of time ticks
 SHOWKEY()    Continuously displays the INSERT and LOCK status
 SOUND()      Creates tones (melodies) by designating frequency and duration
 SPEED()      A comparison value used to determine the processor speed
 STACKFREE()  Determines the remaining stack space
 TOOLVER()    Queries the version number of the CA-Clipper Tools in use
 XTOC()       Converts an expression of any data type into a string

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