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 Turns the screen border overstep mode on or off

     WMODE(<lTop>,<lLeft>,<lBottom>,<lRight>) --> nError


     <lTop>  Designates the top border.

     <lLeft>  Designates the left border.

     <lBottom>  Designates the bottom border.

     <lRight>  Designates the right border.

     ()  If you designate a parameter as .T., you can move the window over
     that border.  If you designate a parameter as .F., you cannot move the
     window over that border.


     If there is an error the function returns -1.  If no errors occur,
     WMODE() returns 0.


     WMODE() can be used to define whether each screen page can be moved,
     interactively or with WMOVE(), beyond the edge of each side of the
     screen or beyond the area defined by WBOARD().  The WMODE() setting is
     valid for all open windows.


     .  This function can be implemented when windows are already


     Here we specify that the window can only be moved over the top or bottom
     of the screen:

     WMODE(.T., .F., .T., .F.)

See Also: WBOARD() WMOVE() WSETMOVE() Introduction
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