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 Returns the position of the bottom row of the active window

     WLASTROW([<lAfterWCENTER>]) --> nRow


     <lAfterWCENTER>  Designates an optional parameter.  If this
     parameter is .T., the function returns what the position of the bottom
     row would be after a call of WCENTER().  (This function does not call
     WCENTER().)  The default value (.F.) returns the current position.


     WLASTROW() returns the position of the bottom row, relative to the
     physical screen.


     The WROW() function allows you to determine the top row (top border) of
     a window.  To avoid complex calculations, you can use the WLASTROW()
     function to determine the bottom row (bottom border) of a window.

     The returned value can be greater than that of the bottom row of the
     screen.  In such an instance, the window overlaps the bottom border.

     By passing the logical parameter as .T., the position of a window after
     a call of WCENTER() can be determined without actually calling


     A window is moved:

     ? WLASTROW() > MAXROW()      // .T.  Window overlaps border

See Also: WROW()
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