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 Introduction Date/Time Functions
 ADDMONTH()   Adds or subtracts months to/from a date
 BOM()        Determines the date of the first day of a month
 BOQ()        Determines the date for the beginning of a quarter
 BOY()        Determines the date for the beginning of a year
 CTODOW()     Converts the day of the week name into a corresponding number
 CTOMONTH()   Converts the name of the month into a corresponding number
 DMY()        Returns a date in "DD Month YY" format
 DOY()        Determines the day of the year for a specific date
 EOM()        Determines the date for the last day of a month
 EOQ()        Determines the date for the end of a quarter
 EOY()        Determines the date for the end of the year
 ISLEAP()     Tests if a specific year is a leap year
 LASTDAYOM()  Determines the number of days in a month
 MDY()        Returns a date in the "Month DD, YY" format
 NTOCDOW()    Changes the number of a weekday into a weekday name
 NTOCMONTH()  Changes the number of a month into a month name
 QUARTER()    Determines the quarter in which a specific date lies
 SECTOTIME()  Converts seconds into a time string
 SETDATE()    Sets the system date
 SETTIME()    Sets the system clock
 SHOWTIME()   Continuously displays the time at desired screen position
 STOD()       Converts an ANSI date string into CA-Clipper format
 TIMETOSEC()  Calculates the seconds since midnight
 TIMEVALID()  Determines whether a specified time is valid
 WAITPERIOD() Pauses a specified time in increments of 1/100 seconds
 WEEK()       Returns the calendar week for a date
 WOM()        Returns the week within a month.

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