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Atomic symbol - Al
Atomic weight - 26.981539
Atomic number - 13
Electron configuration - 2-8-3
Oxidation states - +3
State of matter - solid
Heavy metal-low melting
Discovered in 1827 by Friedrich W.hler
Boils at 2467 .C, melts at 660 .C

In occurs in a variety of silicate rocks, mainly mica, and feldspar. These
rocks disintegrate by a process called weathering, in which moisture and
carbon dioxide form clay, and ultimately aluminum oxide. The principal
aluminum ore, bauxite, is formed by this process. Aluminum also occurs as
cryolite. Because of its light weight, resistance to corrosion and tensile
strength, it is excellent for the construction of the structure of a building.
Because it can easily be rolled into sheets, much is used for aluminum foil.
Aluminum powder is sometimes used in certain types of paint.

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