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Atomic symbol - S
Atomic weight - 32.066
Atomic number - 16
Electron configuration - 2-8-6
Oxidation states - +4, +6, -2
State of matter - solid
Discovered in ancient times
Boils at 444.7 .C, melts at 112.8 .C

Because sulfur is the least reactive non-metal at room teperature, much occurs
free in nature. Chemically combined, sulfur is found as sulfide ores, sulfate
ores, in petroleum, and in organic matter. Free sulfur is obtained by the
Frach process. Sulfur has three allotropic forms, rhombic sulfur, stable at
room temperature, monoclinic sulfur, which is stable between 95.6 .C and the
melting point of sulfur, and amorphous sulfur, a plastic rubbery form. All
forms slowly revert back to the rhombic form if allowed to stand at room
temperature. Its uses are in the making of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid,
matches, black gunpowder, insecticides and sulfa drugs. Much is used in
vulcanizing rubber a process where the wearing properties of rubber increases.

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