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Atomic symbol - Ag
Atomic weight - 107.8682
Atomic number - 47
Electron configuration - 2-8-18-18-1
Oxidation states - 1
State of matter - solid
Heavy metal-ductile
Discovered in ancient times
Boils at 2212 .C, melts at 960.8 .C

Silver is a precious metal that has the highest conductivity of electricity
and heat of all metals. It is very rare, for every 10,000,000 parts of iron,
there are about 2 parts of silver. The largest percent of silver is found in
lead sulfide (galena). Silver bearing ores are called argentiferous. The
biggest demand for silver comes from the photographic industry because silver
is used in photographic film. The silvering of mirrors requires the action of
a chemical reducing agent such as invert sugar, Rochelle salt, or

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