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Atomic symbol - Si
Atomic weight - 28.0855
Atomic number - 14
Electron configuration - 2-8-4
Oxidation states - +2, .4
State of matter - solid
Discovered in 1824 by J.ns Jacob Berzelius
Boils at 2355 .C, melts at 1415 .C

Silicon is never found free, but always combined with oxygen. The two
principal combinations of silicon are silicon dioxide,which is found as flint,
quartz, sand, sandstone, agate, and amethyst, and silicate rocks. These rocks
range from garnet to asbestos. Others are clay, mica, talc, zircon, beryl,
feldspar, ultramarine, and zeolite. Silicon is hard and brittle, and occurs
as a crystalline solid. Either as large crystals or a fine powder. Silicon's
most important uses are as computer chips or solar cells.

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