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Atomic symbol - Fe
Atomic weight - 55.847
Atomic number - 26
Electron configuration - 2-8-14-2
Oxidation states - +2, +3
State of matter - solid
Heavy metal-ductile
Discovered in ancient times
Boils at 3000 .C, melts at 1535 .C

Iron is relatively soft. It's silvery white. Iron is very ductile and
malleable. It's also a good conductor of heat and electricity. It's strongly
magnetic. The main ores of iron are hematite, magnetite (also known as
lodestone), and pyrites (also known as fool's gold). It is believed that the
liquid core of the earth comsists primarily of iron. Iron is a good structural
metal. Other uses are magnets, telphones (because of it magnetic properties)
in motors and generators.

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