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                  The Electronic Encycolpedia of Elements

                   Thank you for taking an interest in
             The Electronic Encyclopedia of the Elements.
   This collection has extensive data on each of the 103 chemical elements.

If you have found some use for The Electronic Encyclopedia of the Elements,
please consider giving a donation to the author. This collection of
files took well over 150 hours of hard work and research (it must have been
my slow typing :-)  ) to make. A donation of any amount would be welcome.
$5 is the recommended amount. When you donate you'll receive a thank you note,
and if I have any more programs out, you will receive them free of charge.
Send donations to:

           Tim Bailen, 5874 Oxford Dr., Greendale, WI 53129-2563 

                              Thank You!

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             Innovative Technology, Ltd. Elk City, Oklahoma
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