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Atomic symbol - Nd
Atomic weight - 144.24
Atomic number - 60
Electron configuration - 2-8-18-22-8-2
Oxidation states - +3
State of matter - solid
Heavy metal-brittle
Discovered in 1885 by Carl Auer von Welsbach
Boils at 3127 .C, melts at 1010 .C

Used in special alloys and glasses, neodymium is a silvery-white color. It is
used in electronics, manufacture of steel and in alloys; especially in
cigarette lighter flints. In ceramics it is used as a glaze and to color
glass. The crude oxide is used to counteract the green color in iron in glass;
and the more pure compound is used in the manufacture of purple glass. This
glass can also be used as a substitute to a ruby in a ruby laser. It is also
used in the glass of welders and glass blower's goggles. Several allotropic
forms exist.

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