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Atomic symbol - Tc
Atomic weight - (97.9072)
Atomic number - 43
Electron configuration - 2-8-18-13-2
Oxidation states - +4, +6, +7
State of matter - synthetic
Heavy metal-ductile
Discovered in 1937 by Carlo Perrier and Emilio Segr.
Boils at 4877 .C, melts at 2172 .C

Technetium was the first synthetically produced element. It is a radioactive
metal that was produced by bombarding molybdenum (42), with deuterons in a
cyclotron. It becomes a superconductor when the temperature drops to 11.2 K or
below. Its properties are similar to rhenium (75). It has been said that
technetium compounds and alloys are very effective in the prevention of

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