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Atomic symbol - Ga
Atomic weight - 69.723
Atomic number - 31
Electron configuration - 2-8-18-3
Oxidation states - +3
State of matter - solid
Heavy metal-low melting
Discovered in 1875 by Paul-.mile Lecoq de Boisbaudran
Boils at 2403 .C, melts at 29.78 .C

Gallium liquifies just above room temperature. It is silvery white, and
soft enough to be cut with a knife. It may take on a bluish tinge due to
superficial oxidation. Gallium expands when solidified and supercools readily,
sustaining its liquid form as low as 0 .C. It can be used as a coating for
optical mirrors, as a liquid seal in strongly heated apparatus, and a
substitute for mercury in ultraviolet lamps.

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