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Atomic symbol - Br
Atomic weight - 79.904
Atomic number - 35
Electron configuration - 2-8-18-7
Oxidation states - .1, +5
State of matter - liquid
Discovered in 1826 by Antoine-J.r.me Balard
Boils at 59 .C, melts at -7.2 .C

Bromine which is very poisonous is a deep-red fuming liquid in the halogen
family. It is the only non-metal that is a liquid at normal temperatures and
pressures. It is extracted from ocean water by oxidation by chlorine. Bromine
is used in making some dyes. Compounded with other elements it is widely used
in medical practice because it its sedative action. Silver bromide is light
sensitive and used in photography film. Exposed to potent bromine vapor can
be fatal. The solid form of bromine is black. Bromine is a strong oxidizing
agent and reacts violently with other elements resulting in light.

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