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Atomic symbol - F
Atomic weight - 18.9984032
Atomic number - 9
Electron configuration - 2-7
Oxidation states - -1
State of matter - gas
Discovered in 1886 by Henri Moissan
Boils at -188 .C, freezes at -220 .C

This is the most active member in the halogen family, and produces the most
stable compounds. Flourine is very poisonous because of its great activity. It
is so active that it is not found free in nature, but in the combined state,
and is very abundant. It occurs as either the mineral flourine, or the mineral
cryolite. Freon, the refridgerant, contains flourine. Cryolite or sodium
aluminum floride, is an important flux in the electrolytic production of
aluminum metal.Compounds of flourine and carbon are important because of their
heat and fire resistance. Flourine is found in tap water and toothpaste, which
have benifical effects on the teeth. Other flourine compounds are used as
insecticides and wood preservatives.

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